Meet the Crew

Fishing Crew at Captain Conch Charters Inc

Owner & Original Captain

Richard GomezHi my name is Richard Gomez. I am the original owner of Capt. Conch Charters. I was born and raised in Key West, as was my father, and his father before him. I have been fishing the Key West waters for over 30 years and pride myself in not only my knowledge of local waters, but also my versatility. I am a jack of all trades in the local fishing industry, whether offshore or inshore, Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. I have learned from the best in the industry including some of my own crew who are great fishermen as well. Our crews not only get along very well, they complement each other with their own knowledge and willingness to learn new tricks. Besides training some of these guys to fish the Key West waters, I have personally groomed them in how to treat our customers. I always tell new guys that I can teach anybody to fish, but it’s not just about the fishing; it’s about respect and entertainment. Our group are not only great fishermen, they are also great entertainers. So come on down and give us a chance to entertain you.

The Capt. Conch


The Capt. Conch’s Captain


Hi my name is Captain Gary Ashby; I run the 40 foot Capt. Conch sports fishing charter boat. I am originally from England, in the UK and switched islands nearly 20 years ago. I have worked as a 1st mate and captain in the surrounding waters of key west this whole period of time, having gained invaluable experience from most of the notable captains that Key West has to offer, including the owner captain Richie Gomez.Fish the Captain Conch and we will accommodate all your fishing requirements so giving you an unforgettable and rewarding time on the water. Regards captain Gary Ashby.

The Capt. Conch’s 1st Mate

Hi I’m Bob Cannon, charter fisherman on the Capt. Conch. I’m a licensed Captain and I fulfill the mate duties on board. I’ve been obsessed with fishing for as long as I can remember. Growing up on eastern Long Island, I sold my first bushel of clams when I was 12 and my first tuna when I was 16. I began sport-fishing in Key West in 1996 and was trained by several local legends including Capt. Richie Gomez. I’ve worked exclusively for the Capt. Conch fleet for ten years and enjoy making my living working for such a professional fish-catching, people entertaining operation. I strive to give each customer a complete island experience as well as catch those fish. We want to see you soon!

The Conch Too



The Conch Too’s Captain

Hi my name is Ricky Ferrell. I was born and raised in Key West and have been fishing and diving the pristine waters of the Keys, as long as I can remember. My father owned, and Captained a charter boat in Key West for over 40 years. I practically grew up on Charter-boat Row. I learned this trade from the many “old-timers” that made their living from the sea. After being a mate for 17 years, it was an easy transition when I decided to become a Captain myself. Having gleaned this knowledge from many different Captains, I feel that I have have learned from the  best. I use this knowledge, to provide my customers with unforgettable fishing experiences, and excellent customer service. I still enjoy working in both the mate’s or Captain’s position. I feel fortunate and privileged to make my living on  the water, and making my client’s dreams come true!

The Conch Too’s 1st Mate

       Hello everyone. My name is Jason Lingham. I grew up fishing the waters of New Jersey. I fell in love with fishing, the first time my Grandfather put a rod in my hands. I am a USCG licensed Captain, and  for the past five years and have been running a Charter Boat off the New Jersey coast. I had been vacationing in the Keys for quite some time, but eventually the lure of this island paradise beckoned me to move here. What better place for me to pursue my career? I love  the offshore action and the great fishery that it holds. I take great pride in working for Captain Conch Charters. They are a first class operation . There is no better feeling than seeing the excitement on my clients faces when they land the fish of a lifetime. I know the amount of time my customer spends with us is short, but I try to make sure that they remember their experience for a lifetime.


The Reef Runner II

The Reef Runner II’s Captain

tonyI’m Captain Anthony Soldano. I was born and raised in Key West (locally known as a Conch). I grew up fishing, diving and exploring the waters around Key West.My fascination with fishing started at a very young age, when I was old enough to hold a fishing line or a rod and reel in my hands, probably around 3-5 years old. By the age of nine I had conquered the mighty Tarpon, a 75 pounder, which weighed more than I did at the time. I was hooked from then on and I was onto better and bigger things for the next 24 years; Dolphin, Wahoo, Shark, Sailfish, and Marlin just to name a few.I received my Captain’s License when I was 26. I worked in the snorkeling and sightseeing business for a few years until I got my own boat in 1980 and started in the charter sport fishing business.I am a second generation conch Charter Boat Captain, as my father was also born in Key West and served as a Charter Boat Captain for 38 years. Much of my knowledge of fishing, both sports fishing, as well as commercial fishing, was gleaned from my father’s experience and has been put to good use in my 33 years in the charter sport fishing business.

Come join me in fishing the waters of Key West and together we can start making your own fishing adventures.

The Reef Runner’s 1st Mate

Hi everyone my name is Jerry Burns, I am the Mate on the Reef Runner II. Life as a fisherman has been my dream and passion from a very young age. I grew up in Chicago, Ill. on Lake Michigan, (which you could not keep me off of.) Whether it was Salmon, Trout, Perch or Smelt, fishing was definitely embedded in my soul from a very young age. I came to Key West in October of 1997 . Almost immediately I gained employment as the 2nd mate aboard the MV. Can’t Miss, a 75 ft. bottom fishing boat. I obtained my local knowledge from a fishing legend, Capt. John F. Blackwell III. Within a few years, I felt my time had come, and moved up the fishing ladder to an Offshore Charter boat. I was offered, and accepted a job, from Capt. Frank Kirwin who owned a small fleet of Offshore Boats. I excelled at the job, all the while making new contacts within the industry. I worked with Capt. Frank on the Lucky Strike and the Lucky II, for almost 3 years. As with any good mate, I feel that it is essential to work with as many different Captains as possible. I feel that you must learn as much as possible from as many people as possible to be well rounded.
I have also fished several major fishing tournaments abroad, including The Isla Mujeras Sailfish Kickoff Championship in Mexico, aboard the 55′ Viking named “Branch Office”. The Bahama Billfish Championship on a brand new 50′ Post, called “Brief Reccess”. The Boy Scout tournament in St. Thomas U.S.V.I. on the 55′ Hatteras “Dos Grande”.
What I really love, is what I do now. On the Reef Runner II, I get to fish with everyday hardworking people, from all over the world. Making sure they have a safe, well informed, fun-filled trip is the best. I love it when my clients feel the trip in their muscles for days to come, and in their hearts and minds forever.