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Wreck Fishing

imageAnother really fun thing to do is to take a bait, and drop it down on one of the several hundred wrecks that surround Key West waters. Jacks of all types, grouper, snapper, shark, and other denizens of the deep are regular visitors to these underwater structures.
Key West has been called “the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico”, as all shipping has to pass by Key West on their way to the Gulf. Whether you want to go to Texas, Alabama, Louisiana , or even the west coast of Florida, if you go by water, you have to go around Key West. As a result, the bottom here is peppered with sunken ships of all kinds. Everything from shrimp boats and airplanes to destroyers and freighters.
A strategic military port during the Second World War, Key West has enjoyed a great relationship with the U.S.Navy that continues to this day.