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April sailfishing

Key West has long been famous as one of the worlds premier fishing destinations. And rightfully so. Key West is home to over 600 I.G.F.A. (International Gamefish Association), certified   world record catches. Among elite anglers around the world, Sailfish is one of the top three prizes most highly coveted. ( Blue and White Marlin are… Read more »

Fishing the World’s Third Largest Reef

  When you fish in Key West, you are very lucky indeed. It’s not just because the island is warm and beautiful all the time. Not just because there have been over 600 IGFA world record fish caught in the surrounding waters. No, not even because you’re going to be on vacation while you are… Read more »

Marlin Fishing

Marlin fishing is considered by many anglers to be the pinnacle of offshore sport fishing, due to the size, power and elusiveness of the four marlin species. Fishing for marlin has captured the imagination of sport fishermen since the 1930s, when well-known angler/authors Zane Grey, who fished for black, striped, and blue marlin in the… Read more »