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April sailfishing


Key West has long been famous as one of the worlds premier fishing destinations. And rightfully so. Key West is home to over 600 I.G.F.A. (International Gamefish Association), certified   world record catches.

Among elite anglers around the world, Sailfish is one of the top three prizes most highly coveted. ( Blue and White Marlin are the other two.) Not only because they are a billfish, but also because their aerial antics are the things that dreams are made of. Sailfish have been known to jump in excess of 50 times during a fight, which makes them the most exciting fish you could ever catch, or even watch being caught. Their stubbornness and tenacity, during a encounter is the stuff of legends.

Key West has two distinct Sailfish runs. One beginning the end of March, another starting in November. At these times of the year, the omnipotent Gulfstream Current meanders inshore, close to the reef. A distinct color change forms, where the two bodies of water collide. This is where you find the mighty Sailfish. Cruising in and out of this color change, the predatory Sailfish, exploit the large schools of baitfish that are gathered there. Often on the surface, their dark bodies pose a stark contrast to the surrounding water. Traveling in small schools, called Wolfpacks, with sails raised, they are truly an unforgettable sight.

The conditions have been favorable, this month. Baitfish are once again gathering on the reef. The Southeasterly trade winds are beginning their gentle caress of our island. All indications are that Key West, will once again have a solid Sailfish season, as it has had for the last 100 years.

Now is the time to plan your trip, if you want to get in on this incredible, once in a lifetime experience.

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