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Marlin Fishing

Marlin fishing is considered by many anglers to be the pinnacle of offshore sport fishing, due to the size, power and elusiveness of the four marlin species. Fishing for marlin has captured the imagination of sport fishermen since the 1930s, when well-known angler/authors Zane Grey, who fished for black, striped, and blue marlin in the… Read more »

Fishing Charters Are Great For Group Gatherings

There are some activities that are fun to partake in alone, take solitaire for example.  Fishing on the other hand is more enjoyable to do in groups. It is a great feeling to reel in a big catch, especially when you are able to enjoy it with friends and/or family.  As such, many groups of… Read more »

How Captain Conch Charters can Enhance Your Key West Honeymoon

Planning your wedding takes a lot of work, but the reward for your diligence is a relaxing honeymoon.  However, it’s essential that you choose the right setting for your post-wedding celebration.  If you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination, why not escape to the tropical Florida Keys for some leisure time with your spouse?… Read more »