Fishing the World’s Third Largest Reef

  When you fish in Key West, you are very lucky indeed. It’s not just because the island is warm and beautiful all the time. Not just because there have been over 600 IGFA world record fish caught in the surrounding waters. No, not even because you’re going to be on vacation while you are… Read more »

Marlin Fishing

Marlin fishing is considered by many anglers to be the pinnacle of offshore sport fishing, due to the size, power and elusiveness of the four marlin species. Fishing for marlin has captured the imagination of sport fishermen since the 1930s, when well-known angler/authors Zane Grey, who fished for black, striped, and blue marlin in the… Read more »

Summer Mahi Mahi fishing

The calm days of summer and the Gulfstream Current, bring huge rafts of Sargassum weed, to the tropical waters surrounding Key West. Sargasso Weed is thought to be named after the Portugeuse word Sarga, a type of grape that grows in the southern region of Portugal. This weed grows on the bottom for most of the… Read more »

Winter in Key West

At Captain Conch Charters we want your fishing experience to be a memorable one. A large portion of our Clients are “repeat customers”. We see them year after year. It’s almost like family. So when Old Man Winter’s got you down, remember, Captain Conch Charters is your one stop shop for a boat load of… Read more »

Wreck Fishing

Another really fun thing to do is to take a bait, and drop it down on one of the several hundred wrecks that surround Key West waters. Jacks of all types, grouper, snapper, shark, and other denizens of the deep are regular visitors to these underwater structures. Key West has been called “the gateway to… Read more »

Springtime Sailfish

If you want to do something that you will remember forever, now would be a great time to go fishing with Captain Conch Charters. The easterly trade winds are pushing the leading edge of the Gulfstream Current right up to our back door. As a result, thousands upon thousands of bait fish are zooming around,… Read more »

Shark Fishing in Key West

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to do battle with a Shark? Well, at Conch Charters we can turn those thoughts into reality. Our customers are always asking us for the chance to catch a Shark. There is nothing more fun than light tackle stand up shark fishing. We catch just… Read more »

The Types of Fish you can Catch in Key West

Key West is one of the world’s foremost destination locations in terms of fishing. People come from every hemisphere and every continent to get a sampling of the fantastic fishing expeditions that can only be classified as one-of-a-kind. The main attraction to these exquisite fishing spots is the variety of sought after fish. Tuna –… Read more »

Come Home With Countless Seafood Possibilities After Spending a Day With Captain Conch Charters

Key West is magnificently beautiful, with its gorgeous weather, radiant sun, and esteemed fishing waters. Fishing is prime and adventurous at Key West, and booking a charter boat with Captain Conch Charters will only add to the fun. Fishing charters are a wonderful way to see the sights, enjoy the waters, and catch great fish…. Read more »