“Fishin Traditions”


Some of My most valued memories, are of the things I did with my Dad. He wasn’t the CEO of some big company, He wasn’t some sort of high powered figure who would demand everyone’s attention just by walking into a room. Nope not Him. What he was however, was a kind Man with an ordinary job, and a love of Fishing.It was that love of Fishing, and His enthusiasm when He talked about It, that opened more doors in Our lives than ANY career could have.
Let’s face it, Fishing discussions level the playing field. They give all parties involved common ground,and wake up the imagination! They allow you (if only for awhile) to escape from the ordinary into a world filled with excitement and delight. Ok,ok sometimes defeat, and sadness too. But just like a good movie, Fishing Stories wake up the senses and revive that zest for life like no other discussions really can.
So I would like to encourage all of you to wake up YOUR senses and go out and make some memories! GO FISHING!
See You Soon,
Captain Conch

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