Wahoooo Time!!!!!

The weather in Key West has been absolutely beautiful the last few days, and with this winter reprieve the blue water has improved. We have been doing well with mostly great afternoon bites of tuna in between cold fronts. The sailfish have moved off the reef and taken up residence in the blue water anywhere from 100 to 300 feet of water. Also we are doing well with our most unpredictable of blue water denizens, the WAHOO!!! The wahoo is argued to be the fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour. A long sleek fish with vertical blue and silver stripes, that is both one of the tastiest of our blue water fish, it is also one of the most beautiful. Key West is well known for its ability to attract not only tourist, with its picturesque homes and gardens, its historic significance and numerous water activities. It is also a great attraction for migrating wahoo, as they move in and out of our waters year around. When you hook onto one of these wahoo you will know right away the sound of screaming line is unmistakable as this ocean speedster peels off line at an alarming rate. Be ready to reel as fast as you can because no sooner has he peeled off a huge amount of line, just as quickly he will turn around and come speeding back at you. The wahoo is legendary for catching the angler by surprise and getting away using just that method. As he gets nearer the boat you will feel the tell tale head shake which is another method of escaping. Wahoo have probably the great est reputation of all our blue water fish as the escape artist of the deep. Its not over yet they are also bar none the most dangerous, once gaffed and brought aboard. There razor sharp teeth need only graze you on the arm or leg, and you will be laid open. Be well advised to get them in the box quickly and leave the photo opportunity till after he settles down. Come on down to Key West enjoy all of our attractions and scenery, and don’t forget to GET YOUR WAHOO ON.

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