Reef Sailfish!!!

You heard right we do catch sailfish right on top of the reef  this time of year. This phenomenon  usually does not last long, maybe 2 weeks to a month, but it is very exciting when it does. So picture this you are approaching the reef, and you can see from a distance a group of frigate birds working the water hard. As you get closer you can see a very large school of ballyhoo getting chased out of the water, followed by the frigates diving down to the water to pluck ballyhoo from the air. Closer still you can now see what is chasing them, as cobalt blue shapes rise from the depths to stampede the ballyhoo and get there share of the tasty treat. If you have never seen the site of sailfish herding ballyhoo on the reef in 10 to 20 ft. of water as most, it is spectacular to say the least. So how do we catch them now that we see them, that’s the real trick. Well the first thing to know is you better have live ballyhoo in your well.  These fish are so focused on their prey that nothing else will do. Then you must anticipate their next move and be at the right place at the right moment ready to cast your bait into the melee when you see the dark mass rise from the depth, oh yea and remember what you are seeing as you approach these fish is going to be over in a matter of seconds be quick and super aggressive every second counts. This type of fishing is very intense, frustrating and rewarding if you are lucky enough to hook the prize. Good luck, or better yet call us and we will add much practiced skill to your luck. Call us at 305-304-5816 before its to late, for our January surprise.

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