Here Come The Sailfish

March is coming in with a roar again living up to its windy reputation. If you were in Key West this first weekend of March you experienced our windiest days this winter, with winds gusting to 40 m.p.h. barreling in from the northeast and then turning due east. This is making for some extremely rough water but it is also what we hope to see this time of year As it begins to set up an offshore scenario that puts Key West at the top of the heap when it comes to our early spring sailfish migration. With that wind we have also seen the east current moving in closer to the reef which is another necessary component to our sping run. As the wind rips in from the northeast to east coupled with the east current it forms our last component which is a hard color change that becomes the sailfish highway. When things are right it is not uncommon to see dozens of sailfish on any given day. Also keep a sharp eye out for cobia and large Hammerhead shark who share this migratory highway with the sailfish as well as tons of bonito and tuna. Now is the time to come on down to Key West, book your fishing adventure, and after that cozy up to a friendly bar at one of Key West many drinking establishments With a fistful of bragging rights in one hand and a Cuban mojito in the other. We hope to see you soon.

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