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Hurricane Irma Update

For all our northern friends WE ARE DOWN BUT WE ARE NOT OUT. Key West is set to re-open October 20th, but please keep in mind that date can fluctuate depending on our progress.  I will say in my 60 years of life in Key West this is the worst hurricane to hit the Florida Keys. For Key Westers who fled we can only sit back helplessly and watch the devastation from afar. We are finally going to be allowed back Sunday September 17th to put our lives back together and help our community do the same. For those who stayed behind including our Mayor Craig Cates, my best friend Tim Turso who works for the water company and the many city workers that are putting in long hours to clean up and turn on our city again they are all true heroes {although not to bright LOL] They have had to endure truly primitive conditions, with food and water quickly running out they were basically cut off from the world. As our resources return slowly but surly we were finally able to communicate with them, and there stories of survival and struggle are truly harrowing. My hat and heart go out to them. In the meantime myself and the news will announce our re-opening. Till then please say a prayer on our behalf, and we cant wait to see our friends from up north again. Please follow us on facebook to see some video footage of Hurricane Irma.

72 Pound Wahoo Anyone

Well things have slowed down considerably on a tourist standpoint, but the fishing is getting better and better. It looks like our fall fishing is going to be on time and outrageous. Make your plans to come down to Key West and let us put you on some great fall fishing. On a recent trip… Continue Reading

Grand Slam Flags Flying

Capt. Conch Charters located in the Key West island paradise Continues to have a great summer fishing season. The mahi fishing remains strong and we have managed to mix in wahoo tuna sailfish and marlin to round out a great summer. August is upon us and conditions tell us that we can expect more of… Continue Reading

Summer Mahi and Marlin

The mahi are still moving in to the lower keys in great numbers and the marlin have finally found out. Capt. Conch and the rest of the crews have had numerous encounters with blue and white marlins, with a sprinkling of sailfish thrown in for fun. The summer is the best time of year to… Continue Reading

Summer mahi hot and heavy

Key West is having a great summer of mahi fishing with no end in sight. We have been having great catches of mostly school size dolphin mixed with a few large ones. We have also been catching a few sailfish, so not only have we been supplying boatloads of memories, we have also been bringing… Continue Reading

Here Come The Mahi Mahi

Summer is coming early to Key West and with it the mahi mahi are also showing up early. We have had some good catches of small to larger mahi along with sailfish, tuna ,wahoo and king fish. We expect to have a great summer hear as the sea conditions are doing everything right. So make… Continue Reading